Why PattyNet?

PattyNet was founded in January 2005 with just a discussion forum and a chatroom, as a place for Patty Griffin fans to come together, discuss Patty, and simply enjoy each other's company. After months of hard work, the complete PattyNet site was launched in April 2005, adding additional content such as a biography, lyrics, and guitar tabs.

At the heart of PattyNet is its member community. We strive to be not only an information resource for Patty Griffin fans, but a gathering and meeting place for fans from around the world. Very often, PattyNet members extend their online relationships and meet up in the "real world," usually at Patty shows or at our annual fan gathering, PattyFest. Patty Griffin has some of the best fans in music, which you will easily discover for yourself as you get to know the member community here at PattyNet.

We hope that you are able to find everything you are looking for and more at PattyNet, and that you will find a home here among other Patty fans, as so many of us already have!

PattyNet Sections

News  All of the latest news from the world of Patty Griffin.

Bio  PattyNet's own Patty Griffin biography.

Music  A complete listing of Patty Griffin's official releases, including compilations and soundtracks on which she appears.

Lyrics  A complete and accurate lyrics archive including all of Patty Griffin's released and unreleased songs, as well as cover songs.

Tabs  The most complete and accurate guitar tablature archive available on the internet; includes released, unreleased, and cover songs.

Forum  Discuss all aspects of Patty Griffin's music and career, along with many other non-Patty related topics, with hundreds of fans from around the globe.

Chat  Participate in real-time chat with other Patty Griffin fans in PattyNet's custom chatroom.

PattyBase  Find Patty Griffin's current tour dates along with ticket and venue information; browse or search all of Patty's past performances, including setlists, listings of live recordings, and artwork for live CDs.

The PattyNet Team

Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Gillian Reynolds, Site owner & administrator
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Email: gillian@pattynet.net

Matt Morrow, Tabs & lyrics
Location: Guntersville, AL
Email: matt@mattmorrow.net

Adam Sterling, Graphic & web design
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Email: adam_tvs@yahoo.com

Matt Haven, Moderator
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Email: matt@chrispureka.net

Marybeth D'Amico, Biographer
Location: Munich, Germany

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